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We offer pleasure boats and fishing boats ranging from 32 to 45 feet. Each boat can be custom designed to meet customer specifications.

32' Pleasure Boat


Fishing Boats

36' Lobster Boat34'11"Lobster Boat
36' Lobster Boat

39' Longliner and Lobster Boat

�� 36' Lobster Boat

36' Lobster Boat

Long Beach 40'

Crab Deck on a 40' Boat

Our�� 40' is 15�' at the beam and 14'2 at the stern.� The hull� has been raised 12". The fishold can handle 13,000lbs Crab or 40.000lbs of Herring.� The boat is under 15Ton.

Our 45' x15' at the beam and 14' 2" at the stern

Moncton Boat Show

Additional Boats

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