Welcome to Long Beach Boatbuilding LTD.


- We build boats from 32 feet to 45 feet in length and 13 feet 10 inches to 15 feet 8 inches in width. (To be under the Steamship Classification).

- Fish Hold Available.

- Each Boat Built to Customer Specifications with Quality and Service.

- All Boats can be ordered to any stage of completion, from Bare Hull to Turnkey Packages for Pleasure Craft or Commercial Fishing.

- We also offer "Coosa" board in the�construction of our vessels.� This new technology allows us�to build a "wood free" boat as all of our parts are moulded in solid fiberglass. (More information on "Coosa" upon request)

Old Version ( still available)
34'11"x13' Beam/12' at stern
38'x13' Beam/11 1/2'�at stern
40'x13' Beam/11 1/2'�� at stern

Our New Version
34'11"x15'4"Beam/14'10" at stern�
38'x15'4"Beam/14'6" at stern�
40'x15'4"Beam/14'2" at stern

As of July, 2004 we offered new moulds:
32 foot Cruiser ( All Moulded Components )
45 foot ( 15 feet 6 inches wide and 14 feet 2 inches at the Stern)
40 foot (15 feet 6 inches wide and 14 feet 2 inches at the Stern)
40 foot (13 feet wide and 10 feet 10 inches at the Stern)

Pleasure Craft and Commercial Craft

-Bulkheads are included in price

-Molded Wheelhouse and Washboards available, ask for pricing

-We offer molded parts such as benches, table, console, dash, back wall, top and bottom bunks

-Our mould is raised so that we may be able to construct a fish hold if required

-We build seaworthy boats that still have a lot of speed in rough water (semi planing hull)

-Hull speed reaches 16 knots with a 225 HP engine and up to 20 knots with a 350 HP engine (depends on weight and size of vessel)

Other options are available upon request. We are proud of our finished product and we stand behind it.
We would appreciate any comments you may have, and would be pleased to quote prices for any package we offer (From hull to turn-key).
Please contact us, or visit our interactive online quote page for a personal price quote sent directly to your Email address.